10. Response, impact, application of the results and continuation of research

Response, impact, application of the results and continuation of research
Given the lack of good specific measuring instruments for assessing the level of anaerobic capacities in the area of kicking combat sports, the research should have a positive response and be noticed by the media and members of the scientific-expert community in the respective area. The results obtained should influence the increase of quality in selection, monitoring and designing of training processes with the purpose of a better and more rational development of the level of anaerobic capacities in persons involved in the three sports included in the investigation. The computer application created for the purposes of the research would remain at disposal and permanent use of all interested coaches of kicking combat sports, both in Croatia and abroad. The measuring instrument selected would find its application in everyday coaching practice, as would the normative created according to sport, gender and age, which would be used as one of the tools in the process of selection, monitoring and designing the training process, and with the purpose of achieving top results in each sport. With regard to the previously mentioned published studies, which dealt with the problems concerned, we can conclude that there is an increasing interest for new knowledge in this area and it can be expected that this project will, apart from the obtained scientific knowledge, also enable the publishing of quality papers in respected international journals. The potential of the idea and possible construction of a specific test with good metric characteristics, as well as the creation of quality software, open the possibility of patenting, but also the possibility of commercializing the results of the project, given the size of the market in the area of combat sports. It is our opinion that, regardless of the obtained results which could yield a newly constructed specific test, and/or some of the existing non-specific tests with good metric characteristics would be selected, this research represents an important step forward with the purpose of making new scientific contribution to the development of combat sports and the area of applied kinesiology in sports. Popularisation of the project will be realised through the making of a documentary and by including famous people from the world of combat sports (Branko Cikatić, Ana and Lucija Zaninović, etc.). As a logical direction in continuing this research, the aim of upgrading the created computer application imposes itself, as well as the necessity of designing, validating and selecting the instruments for detecting other motor abilities which are important for success in kicking combat sports. As the author, due to the conditions of the application and complexity of the project itself, does not intend to address the problems of energy consumption and dominant form of metabolism in kicking combat sports, these problems could be the aim of research for some future application or project.