9. The expected results of the project

In accordance with the mentioned aims and based on the obtained results, a specific measuring instrument will be constructed and/or one or several non-specific measuring instruments will be selected, with good metric characteristics, that will be proven pragmatic, practical and applicable for assessing the level of specific anaerobic capacities in the area of kicking combat sports. A computer application with the possibility of remote access for input, reviewing, monitoring and analysis of results of the subjects will be created according to the highest standards and research needs. Participants of the research will acquire additional competencies and practical knowledge which will be useful in their further scientific improvement. A number of scientific papers of high value will be written and published in recognized international journals. Given the high level of motivation and quality of the researchers, the originality of the idea, the representativeness of the sample, the importance, significance and impact of anaerobic capacities on achievement of top results in kicking combat sports, we are expecting several doctoral dissertations to be written based on the obtained results. After the project is finished, and based on the obtained results, we can expect normative according to sport, gender and age category to be created, which would be integrated and published in a form of a University textbook for the subject area.