5. The idea/design of construction of a specific test for detecting anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports:

The idea and vision of a new test is based on the fact that a newly constructed test, with respect to the character of kicking combat sports, should include leg kicks to the precisely defined target (free standing training dummy- BOB) with an electronic body protector which registers the power of kicks and enables to adjust the height of performing the kicks. The test should be performed on a standardized mat (tatami), and the subjects should wear a hert rate monitor during performance, which would record the measured values. The task of the subjects is to perform a given number of kicks or as many kicks as possible within a given timeframe in several series, interrupted by intervals of rest of certain duration. The task of the researchers is to define the parameters (the number of kicks or duration, force of the kick, duration of rest intervals) which would be used to calculate the index of fatigue of the subjects, i.e. the level of specific anaerobic capacities. Due to the simplicity of performance, available equipment and the possibility of simultaneous testing of several subjects, the test could, if it shows good metric characteristics, find its application in selection, evaluation and programming of transformational processes for development of anaerobic capacities in the area of kicking combat sports.