4. The aims and purpose of the proposed research

The main aim of the project is to construct and validate a specific field measuring instrument of good metric characteristics and with high applicability that will, in a quality way, describe the level of specific anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports (taekwondo, karate, kickboxing). Due to the complexity of the problems regarding the object of research, and in case the newly constructed test does not show satisfactory metric characteristics, an alternative aim is set which entails revalidation and selection of one or more existing tests which will be proven appropriate for the area of kicking combat sports after testing the metric characteristics. The secondary aim is to detect the state and relations of the obtained resilts of anthropological status, result success and anaerobic capacities between the subsamples of three kicking combat sports. Indirect, but not less important objectives include: creating a database, educating coaches, creating a normative according to sport, gender and age category; which would be integrated and published in the University textbook dealing with this theme.