2. Principal investigator, team-members and partners involved in the project – feasibility of the project proposal

Head and principal investigator on the project:vDražen Čular, PhD
Reaschers : Vladimir Ivančev, PhD, Alen Miletić,PhD
Associates – doctoral candidates: Danijel Vučić, Tea Bešlija, Mirjana Milić, Goran Kuvačić

Principal investigator:

Dražen Čular, PhD, assistant professor. Team members-researchers: Vladimir Ivančev, PhD and Alen Miletić, PhD. (assistant professors). Team members-doctoral candidates: Danijel Vučić, Tea Bešlija, Mirjana Milić, Goran Kuvačić. Partners: Croatian taekwondo federation, Croatia Karate union, Croatia Kickboxing federation, Taekwondo club Stkwan, Karate club Obi & Karate club Hercegovina- Zagreb, Kickboxing club Pit bull.
Experience, qualifications of the principal investigator. Principal investigator Dražen Čular, PhD, besided scientific achievements and participations in projects listed in curriculum vitae, also possesses the following professional references which might contribute to the quality of the proposed project: international taekwondo instructor, holder of the 5th Dan black belt, former competitor and state champion in taekwondo, licenced coach and examiner for ranks at the Croatian taekwondo federation with twenty years’ experience, the selector of the para taekwondo and student taekwondo Croatian national team. He possesses specific computer skills and experience related to creating databases, which have been successfully applied in his doctoral dissertation and research conducted on a sample of 730 subjects from 69 countries, in 6 languages (Čular et al., 2013.). He has published several papers dealing with construction and validation of measuring instruments (Čular et al. 2007, 2010, 2012, 2013), which is, in addition to creating a computer application, the aim of the proposed research project.

Scientific productivity and citations of the team members.

Young scientists who are employed at the Faculy of Kinesiology at University of Split as assistant professor, have in the last two years, together with doctoral candidates team members involved in the project, despite their short scientific career, published over 120 articles, 36 of which are in WoS, and their articles have been cited 279 times without self-citations, and the H-index of the team members’ citations ranges from 0 to 10 (data on 31 October 2013).

Measures for achieving independence of project participants and forming the team.

Following the purpose of announcing applications for financing Launching research projects of the Croatian science foundation, in order to initiate and stimulate the launching of independent research careers in young scientists, relatively young researchers-assistant professors (3) were accepted team members, who were awarded their doctor´s degrees over the last 2 to 7 years, as well as doctoral candidates (4) who wish to scientifically improve in the suggested field. In order to encourage the independence of the team members, the mentors of the young scientists were excluded as well as their colleagues with higher scientific degrees. The complexity and volume of the research which will be conducted by different instruments on a large number of entities of different age and gender in three kicking combat sports will enable all participants to acquire new experiences necessary in developing personal scientific careers and forming a quality team. Apart from the concrete tasks in the measurement procedure, the project precisely determines the roles of all team members in dissemination as well as in all the phases of publishing the results of the research, and with the purpose of creating preconditions for quality independent, but also team scientific-research work of each participant in the project.